A Five Star Experience

3rd November 2021

We were delighted to welcome Stacy Cartledge to stay with us in October. A photographer and blogger, Stacy's travels allow you to discover the best of the UK and hidden gems across the globe. Nestled in the quaint village of Scalby, No. 38 High Street may well be unassuming from the outside but is far from the ordinary inside. Suited perfectly for that big family getaway. Boasting a large kitchen, games room, wonderful garden with children's climbing frame, four bedrooms, three bathrooms... one featuring a luxuriously large bath. Check out 38 High street and our other cottages to plan your next getaway. We agree, The North Yorkshire coast really does have it all when it comes to finding a perfect holiday destination!


History of Scarborough Castle

4th November 2021

Scarborough Castle stands on a massive promontory of rock that rises above the North Sea. Its 12th-century great tower is the centrepiece of a royal castle begun by Henry II. It became one of the greatest royal fortresses in England and figured prominently in national events during the Middle Ages. Its buildings are mostly relatively recent additions to a site which, as a natural fortress, has been intermittently inhabited and fortified for nearly 3,000 years.


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